Chant of the Week: Win or Lose

Chant of the Week: Win or Lose

Bill Wolf

Sometimes there is nothing magical about creating a new chant. Sometimes you just hear a chant inspired by a tune you like and you put some reasonable words to it. Sometimes you’re inspired by current events.

Take the chant, Win or Lose. What do you do when it seems like every game is being played in a torrential downpour? You write a chant about it and piggy back it off of an already popular chant that’s fun to sing.

The chant that was chosen is popular around the world. It’s inspired by the tune Rasputin from Boney M. They are described as a Euro-Carribean vocal group. What could be more fun than that?


Win or lose, we're forever Orange and Blue
Let it rain, let it pour, we will sing forever more
Our opponents know we will fight them toe to toe
Whether win or lose, we're forever Orange and Blue

FCC - ole ole ole
FCC ole, FCC ole ole (x2)


There is really only one melody for this chant. The first stanza is followed by combinations of the words “FCC” and “ole” but using the same melody as the prior. The lyrics in the second stanza are repeated to be long enough to fill a complete stanza.

The only really tricky bit is to take it slow on the first “FCC” and pause before the “ole’s.” The second line rushes the “FCC” and drops right into the “ole.”


Simple versions of most of the chants are available on You Tube on the Knights of the Bailey channel. Here is Win or Lose played and sung as usual by Mr. Max Ellerbe and his tiny plastic box. Take a listen to hear how it all comes together.


This is a fairly popular chant worldwide. You can find versions of it in Australia, Russia and Greece. Here are some examples to hear what it sounds like with a full supporters section and drums.

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