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The goal of The Pride, since its inception, has been to make soccer available to everyone. We have tried to build an organization that is as inclusive as possible, never turning away an invitation, and making sure everyone is able to support their favorite team. The typical Supporter Group culture can, at times, be insular and exclusive; which is why we have tried to break down those walls when they have presented themselves.

With that mission has come chapters. Not everyone is able to make it down to Nippert, or soon the West End, to watch the games on game day. Many FCC fans don’t live in Cincinnati! But many people want to contribute to the atmosphere, the environment, and the culture that has made FCC special, but they want to do it and still create those bonds and friendships that ultimately make a supporter group fun.

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The Pride Norden has been formed with the purpose of organizing and promoting the excitement and passion for FC Cincinnati amongst the northern suburbs of Cincinnati. From Fairfield to Loveland and beyond, the Pride Norden is family friendly and passionate about supporting the orange and blue.

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Location doesn’t define who we cheer for. Pride 812 has been formed to gather supporters of FC Cincinnati in south-eastern Indiana and allow them to raise their cheers in unison. Join together with your neighbors to support the orange and blue in the Hoosier state and cheer on the orange and blue!

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Orange & Bluegrass fully embraces The Pride’s goal and mission to make soccer available to everyone and to continue to grow the FC Cincinnati soccer fan base in the region and beyond. We hope to bring together fans from all over the region to unite behind our common love for the orange and blue!