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The Pride is an organization that is welcoming to all individuals, from all backgrounds. We are united by our love for our hometown, our sport, and our club, FC Cincinnati. When we raise our glasses at the bar or raise our voices in song, we are one sound. When we meet for our march to the match or our Club activities, we are one purpose. When we unfurl our tifos or wave our flags, we are one ideal. What brings us together is infinitely stronger than what might drive us apart.

     It is with this spirit of unity in our hearts that we make a solemn vow to one another that we will not tolerate any behavior that targets people, supporters, or players based on their individual characteristics such as race, religion, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, appearance, or political affiliation. We will not accept anyone, at Pride events or on matchday, engaging in the use of racial or ethnic slurs, derogatory or demeaning language, unwanted or inappropriate behavior towards persons of the opposite sex, excessive vulgarity or profanity, physical harm against others, or threat of physical harm towards others.

     We recognize that it falls upon us to stop this behavior when we see it, and that we shall not be a group that stands idly by while our ideals are compromised. We therefore pledge that we shall immediately report violations of our Honor Code to Pride officers and to The Pride Honor Board, and that we will participate fully, truthfully, and honestly in any investigations of The Pride Honor Board that result. We further pledge to report any illegal activity we witness on matchday, at Pride events, or at Pride activities to appropriate law enforcement officials.

     We are united in our support for one another. We are united in promoting a safe and enjoyable experience for all who interact with us and our club. We are proud.