Chant of the Week: Hearts on Sleeves

Chant of the Week: Hearts on Sleeves

Bill Wolf

When developing chants, it’s nice to pull influences from around the world to bring variety to the chant selection. This week’s chant comes from the Tigers of Malaysia. Malaysia doesn't get a lot of attention for being a sporting nation here in the states, but their fanbases are rabid and amazingly well attended.

The Tigers, despite being half a world apart, are also oddly similar to what we would expect from a group of US supporters. They make use of drums, capos, megaphones, and hand signals / choreography. It truly shows how globally universal the game is.

This tune stands out because of the sort of "minor scale" progression that ends each stanza. That progression gives it a unique sound that sets it apart from the other chants that one would hear from the Bailey. The unique sound of the chant allows it to be used in celebration or defiance when down a goal. Despite this, it's still a relatively simple and catchy tune.


Ohh, FCC
Cincinnati sing
Lend your voice in service to the Queen

Our hearts are on our sleeves
In Orange and Blue we bleed
If you love Cincinnati sing with me




This chant follows the format of most chants. There are four stanzas. The first two contain lyrics and are similar in melody with a slight variation in the last line of each stanza.

The next two stanzas use the sound “whoa” to fill in for lyrics. The melody matches the first two stanzas. This allows the chant to repeat more before getting too redundant.


Take a listen to this simple form of the chant put together by Max Ellerbe.


Now check out how the chant sounds when it’s put together with the full supporter section of the Tigers of Malaysia.

In case you’re curious about their lyrics:

Harimau Malaya,
Kami Selalu Ada,
Walau Di Mana Berada,

Kami Disini,
Terus Menjadi,
Ekor Harimau Sejati.

In English:

Malayan Tiger,
We Are Always There,
Although Where It Is,

We're here,
Continue to be,
The Tail of the True Tiger.

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