This is Adi’s Team Now


FC Cincinnati’s all-time leading goal scorer has disappeared; he was even (badly) photoshopped into the end of year team photo. He also wasn’t in the 18 of the first round game.  And despite not being in the 18, or even in Cincinnati last Saturday, he still featured in the post-game hype video about the playoff win.  Weird huh?  What’s even weirder is that all the players had a black “11” on their kits for the playoff game.

“Who put the massive spotlight on Konig again!?”

“Who put the massive spotlight on Konig again!?”

This is all adding up to Alex Stec having murdered Konig and using her power as social media content creator to pretend he’s still alive and on the team.  Or not. But true crime is “in” right now so it was a topical guess. Anyone else listening to Serial?

Anyway, it’s clear Konig is no longer with the team, and more than likely back with his family in Denmark, so we’re going Konig-less the rest of the way.

Which means, this is Adi’s team now.

It’s actually still Ledesma’s team, but that doesn’t really make for a good headline now does it?

But this is the time for Adi to become to folk hero we wanted him to be.  Since the USL team received an MLS DP, he hasn’t quite put up Zlatan numbers.  Adi has been fantastic, don’t get me wrong.  He draws so much attention that our midfielders have been able to run in behind and rack up the goals.  You’re welcome Corben Bone.


But if Adi wants to become the fan favorite, the city’s hero, and carve his name into the monument of Cincinnati sports legends, this is his chance.  Adi smashing home goal after goal, burying the competition, would trebuchet him into mainstream stardom around town.

And to be honest, we need him to.  With Konig out, the striking options behind Adi start to look a lot more bleak than we’re used to.  And unless Djiby or Okoli are getting signed to emergency loans, we’re going to need to see Adi banging in goals to keep our USL Cup hopes alive.

I wish all the best to Konig, it’s very clear he’s not going to MLS with us if he isn’t around for the playoffs, and he hasn’t received the farewell he deserves. The Great Dane was a fantastic addition last year and a number of people decided it was his name that should be on the back on their kits. But this is Adi’s time now.  FCC’s history of having a big target striker just got a talent upgrade, now we need to see it in action.  


Kevin Wallace

Kevin Wallace