Why the Pride: Scott Wilson

Why the Pride: Scott Wilson

When I attended my first FC Cincinnati game in June of 2018, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was not a soccer fan growing up, but I have always been incredibly proud of all things Cincinnati - from our sports teams to our chili. I had moved to Dayton, OH* for school and was only somewhat aware of the phenomenon that was FCC. When I was offered cheap tickets over father’s day weekend 2018, I wanted to see what all the buzz was about.

I was completely unaware of what soccer culture is. I didn’t know that there was a march into the stadium, or even that there were “supporter groups” that I could be a part of, but when my brothers and I accidently stumbled upon the drums, the smoke, and the energy gathered at the Bearcat Statue outside the stadium, I was instantly hooked.

I joined The Pride because I wanted to be a part of this culture that celebrated our club and our city. Having moved to Dayton* and with no soccer knowledge or experience, I was nervous that I wouldn't fit in. Thankfully, I joined a supporters group that prides itself on being welcoming to all. The more I attended matches, tifo painting nights, and social gatherings, the more I felt like I belonged...that this was my tribe.


Now, I am a proud member of the Pride and an FCC fan. My fiancé and I bought season tickets for 2019, I traveled to Chicago for the SuperDraft, and I’ll be going to Seattle for our MLS debut...and less than a year ago, I had never been to a soccer game in my life. That speaks volumes to how much the Pride has helped me to feel a part of this community and develop my love of the game. I am looking forward to many seasons ahead with these people and hope that you’ll join us as we cheer on our club.

Whether you’re a soccer fanatic or a newbie like me, stop by and meet us before a match at Top Cats and have a beer with us. We’d be happy to have you.

*If you live further away from Cincinnati, the Pride has several satellite chapters. You’ll be a part of the same Pride family, but with some social gatherings and away match watch parties closer to home.

The Pride Norden - Northern Cincinnati Suburbs

The Pride 812 - Southeast Indiana

The Pride Orange and Bluegrass - Lexington

Scott Wilson