MLS Stadium Requests


The following document was put together by The Pride, Die Innenstadt, The Bailey Bastards, and The Legion, supporters groups of FC Cincinnati.  With the coming move to MLS and the construction of a new stadium, we want to make sure that the supporters who have helped create the unforgettable atmosphere at FC Cincinnati matches are heard in the design and decision making process of this transition.  What follows are the official asks of the supporters groups to the front office staff of FC Cincinnati and the various stadium stakeholders in this process.  The front office staff has received this document directly, but we want to make sure our members and the public at large are aware of what the supporter groups are looking for in the new stadium.  We look forward to engaging in these conversations over the course of the next few years, and would like to applaud the front office in their commitment they have made in making sure supporters have a seat at this table.  

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