Chris White - President

Chris joined The Pride in August of 2015, two days after FC Cincinnati was announced. He found tweets from Founder of The Pride, Payne Rankin about meeting John Harkes at Fifty West and met up to see how he could help Payne build FC Cincinnati's first Supporters Group. Chris was elected Vice President in February of 2016 and served in that role until May of 2018 when he was moved into the Presidential role when original President and Founder, Payne Rankin resigned from the role. Can be seen actively avoiding any and all interviews while wearing a big smile surrounded by great friends.


Matt Broo - Vice President

Matt joined the Pride in March of 2016, after tagging along with a friend to the first ever open meeting of the group (just to “check things out”). Matt authored the Bylaws of the Pride and found himself elected as Secretary of the first Executive Board on the strength of that apparently, strong writing sample. He became the Vice President in 2018 when previous VP Chris White assumed the Presidency of the organization. You can find him by looking around for the tallest guy in the room, or by asking to discuss breakfast food in the Slack group.


Kevin Wallace - Secretary

Kevin joined The Pride in 2016 at the Rhinegeist Team Meet and Greet event.  A life long soccer fan and nerd of the game, Kevin joined the Pride as a blogger at the start of the 2017 season.  In 2018 Kevin was elected to an at-large board seat before being selected to serve as Secretary. Can be seen at the top of the Bailey during home matches and spamming Slack with late-night updates from Copa Libertadores matches.


Mark Szwejkowski - Treasurer

Mark joined the Pride at it’s inception point in 2015. As a roommate of then President Payne Rankin, Mark was brought in as a “founding father” to be the first Treasurer of The Pride. More commonly known by his nickname “Shwy”, Mark is still the current Treasurer of the Pride and you can find him half way up the Bailey probably arguing why Lebron is the GOAT.



Abbey Witzgall - Membership Director

Abbey joined the Pride at the first Pittsburg match in 2016. Knowing nothing really about soccer except there was something called “Offsides”, Abbey became Membership Chair at the beginning of the 2017 season and was re-elected in 2018. You can find her moving people out of the way of the drummers during the March and handing out scarves to the masses.


Max Ellerbe - Matchday Coordinator

Max joined The Pride in 2016 May 2016 after spending the first two matches in the family section. His passion for chants lead him to The Pride’s first open meeting at Molly Malone’s to discuss how he could become more involved. He’s now the Matchday Coordinator; you can find him virtually every home game in The Bailey with an orange and blue bass drum.


Stephen Starkey - Creative Director

Stephen joined the Pride in March of 2017, after realizing he just had to have that sweet, sweet Madtree scarf. He became far more involved than he ever thought he would when he showed up for a TIFO painting night prior to the Crew USOC match…and the rest is history. You can usually find him before matches trying desperately to get someone to carry a flag or 2-pole...or after a match trying to wrangle 50 flags into the back of a Mazda 3.


Pete Wietmarschen - Board Member

Peter joined The Pride in 2016 before the first preseason game at Nippert. He was elected to the board as one of the very first member-at-large alongside Kevin Wallace. You can catch him on gamedays down in the  Bailey playing his snare drum.  He is a contributor to Hope the Blog.



Jono Bregger - Board Member

Jono found his way to The Pride in April 2016 looking to meet new friends who enjoy soccer. He enjoys fighting with strangers on Twitter and making friends in real life. He was elected to the board in May 2018 to help put a stronger focus on charity. Sah Doo?.


Jason McGlone - Board Member

Jason joined the Pride in December 2016 and soon after went to the 2017 scarf release party, at which people may or may not remember him being; he's a little shifty.  After spending the 2017 FCC season bouncing around in the Pride slack and the ensuing offseason beginning to just show up at various Pride-related things (read: PRIDE BRUNCH AT MOLLY’S ON SUNDAYS), Jason joined the Knights of the Bailey as a bass drummer in 2018.  He was added to the Pride board in July 2018 to focus especially on data work and to apply his skills as a general jack-of-many-trades, and is a noted soda water enthusiast.