Membership FAQ

Q: How do I become a member?

A: There are two steps to becoming a member of The Pride. First, you
must complete a membership application and acknowledge your
willingness to abide by our Honor Code. The second step is to visit
our online store and pay the $20 membership fee.

Q: What do I get for becoming a member of The Pride?

A: All members of The Pride receive a membership package that includes
a specially designed supporters scarf, access to the Members Only Slack Group,
Members Only Ticket Exchange via Slack Group.

Additionally, members of The Pride can vote in official Pride
elections and contribute to the future of the organization.

Q: Do I need to be a member to attend Pride events?

A: Nope! Our events are open to all (and we hope they're so much fun
that they encourage you to join up).

Q: What is The Pride Honor Code?

A: The Pride Honor Code is a statement of ideals that we seek to
uphold while we support our home club, FC Cincinnati. We are an
organization welcoming of all individuals, and the Pride Honor Code is
our pledge that we will not tolerate anyone who seeks to create a
negative matchday experience. Further, the Pride Honor Code requires
that we report any and all negative behavior to Pride officials and
Club officials, so that offenders can be dealt with quickly.

Q: What does The Pride do?

A: As supporters of FC Cincinnati, The Pride joins together on
matchday to watch and cheer on the team. In the build up to matchday,
we organize activities to enhance the actual experience at the home
pitch. We build banners and tifos, we construct flags to wave, and we
come up with new songs to sing. We march from our home bar to the
match in Clifton, we organize bus trips to away matches, and for those
who cannot make trips, we organize watch parties for matches.

Beyond the games themselves, The Pride also organizes activities
throughout the year. We hold social events, pub crawls, bar nights,
and other events to bring faithful supporters of Club and City
together. Additionally, The Pride also participates in philanthropy
efforts and service events to help strengthen our community.

Q: Where does The Pride meet on matchdays?

A: For home matches, The Pride meets at The Brass Tap in Clifton and
then marches to the match (to our section in The Bailey) from there.
For away matches, The Pride meets at Molly Mallone's in Covington. At
both locations, your membership card with The Pride gets you access to
discounted food and beverages.

Q: How can I get involved with The Pride?

A: We are always looking for talented and motivated individuals to
help with our goal of making soccer a fun and exciting experience here
in the Queen City. Our Admin Board meets regularly to plan matchday
activities and member activities, and we welcome all members to attend
and give their input as to how we can best support our Club and our

Q: Why should I join a supporters group anyway?

A: Supporters groups are part of the rich history of soccer, both here
in America and abroad. We are more than just "fans," we are invested
in the future of our home Club. That means, beyond being loud and
boisterous fans on matchday, we work together to ensure the continued
growth and success of the sport here in our home town.

Plus, it's simply more fun to attend soccer matches with people you
know and friends who will be there to take up your spur-of-the-moment
ideas for a song or a chant.

Q: Is The Pride affiliated with FC Cincinnati?

A: Beyond being supporters of the club? Absolutely not! We are a
completely independent group of fans who are dedicated to seeing the
sport of soccer grow and succeed here in Cincinnati.

Q: So, who is in charge of The Pride?

A: The Pride is a completely member-run organization. Officeholders in
the Pride serve for two years, and our elected pursuant to our bylaws,
which are published on our website. All members of The Pride have the
ability to vote for these officers.