What is The Pride?

The Pride started with a group of friends, excited about the prospect
of finally seeing professional soccer in Cincinnati. That came from the
initial announcement of FC Cincinnati. That initial group of friends
drew more people together, all of whom shared a passion for the sport
of soccer and the city of Cincinnati, and The Pride was born.

We are a Supporters Group made up of people who have never been in a
Supporters Group before. We have cheered teams from other cities, in
this country and abroad, and are now ready to step forward together to
create something special here in The Queen City. We seek to create an
experience here at home that rivals that of the biggest clubs around
the world and to make Soccer in Cincinnati truly World Class. We
Welcome All, regardless of their previous fan allegiances or
experiences, to join us in that goal..

We Exist:

To gather those who want to grow the game of soccer, within our region and across our nation;
To welcome everyone;
To be faithful, proud supporters of FC Cincinnati.